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How do I add students to my courses? (Zulama)

Use the Zulama Roster Management Tools to add and remove students to your courses. Once your course is created (see …

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How do I communicate with my students and other teachers in Zulama?

The Messages Tab in Zulama is your hub for conversations, messages with students, and announcements. The Messages tab in the …

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Technical information about Zulama’s LCMS

Preferred Web Browser The Zulama Learning and Content Management System (LCMS) is accessed through a web browser. For best results, …

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Requirements, Installation, and Support for Third-Party Software (Zulama)

Zulama uses a number of third-party software packages to teach game design. Please find the software package below (courses using the …

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New Discover (eBook) Assign Filters. (Passport)

The Discover (eBook) assign filters have been redefined to provide an exceptional assign experience. View this article to see more.

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