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Do you have any instructional videos on how to use Zulama?

At Zulama, we strive to make our Learning Content Management System (LCMS) easy to use and to understand, so our instructional videos are short and to the point.

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Can my students message each other in the Zulama system?

NO. Students may only create conversations between themselves and their teachers and may only participate in teacher-mediated group conversations.

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How can I add an assignment to my course? (Zulama)

To add an assignment to your course: Click on Assignments to navigate to your assignment list for the course. Click on New Assignments. …

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How do I add students to my courses? (Zulama)

Use the Zulama Roster Management Tools to add and remove students to your courses. Once your course is created (see …

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How do I communicate with my students and other teachers in Zulama?

The Messages Tab in Zulama is your hub for conversations, messages with students, and announcements. The Messages tab in the …

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