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How do I access the IRC? (enable Flash)

If you are having difficulty accessing the Internet Resource Center, it is likely that you need to allow Flash to run on this site. Please follow the instructions below to enable Flash for the IRC.

How to allow Flash in Google Chrome

First, type chrome://settings/content in the Google Chrome address bar and press enter. You will be brought to the content settings page.

Next, in the Content Settings page, scroll down to and click on the Flash icon.

You will then be brought to the Flash Settings page.  In the allow section, click “ADD” and add the following URLs


Finally, close Google Chrome, reopen it and visit

How to access the IRC in Safari

From the toolbar click on Safari and select Preferences.

Next, select Websites from the preferences page, place a checkmark in the box next to Adobe Flash Player, and change the “When visiting other websites” dropdown to “Ask.”

Next, visit either of the two URLs:


On the page that appears, click the “Click to use Flash” button.

Finally, click the “Trust” button to allow Adobe Flash on the Internet Resource Center.

You have now enabled Adobe Flash for Safari and should have access to the Internet Resource Center.

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March 6, 2018