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How can I create a temporary password for a student?

You may encounter situation in which a student forgets their password. Although a password reset is available (see forgot password), you may need to provide a student with a Temporary Password to allow them to login immediately. Follow the steps below for details.

From the Courses page, select the course the student is enrolled in.

Scroll down on the course page to locate the student. Click on the pencil icon on the right of the student name.

The Edit Student window will open. Here, you can make changes to the students name and create a temporary password for the student. The email address cannot be changed.

You may enter a temporary password of your choice or click the Generate Random Password button to create a random password. We strongly recommend entering your own simple password to avoid any confusion. A common choice is the student’s name or school name. Once you’ve chosen a temporary password, select Update Student.

The Activation Status for the student on the roster page will change to Not Activated and remain this way until they have logged in using the temporary password and created their new password.

The student will need to visit Passport and login using the email address associated with the account with the temporary password that you provided. After the student logs into Passport, they will be asked to set a new password.

During this process, for their security, the student will be asked to enter the current password, this is the temporary password they just logged in with. They will then be asked to create a new password and enter it twice to ensure it is correct and matching. After completing this process, the temporary password may be discarded and the new password that the student created will now be in effect.

The students activation status in the roster on the course page will now change to Activated. The student now has full access to their account.

If necessary, this process may be repeated.

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December 19, 2017