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Where do I find my teacher and student resources? (World Languages – Passport)

Once logged into your Passport account, click on the Resources tab at the top of the page. Here you will find:

Student eBooks: This section displays the student resources. The eBooks available in this section are what your students have access to. From your teacher account, you are able to assign activities from these resources to your students. Student editions are for projecting to the class, accessing interactive elements such as video and audio, browsing curriculum, and previewing activities.

Teacher eBooks: This section is your access to the Teacher Editions of your resources. These eBooks are the teacher guides with answers to student resources, as well as additional teacher resources for the curriculum.

The first eBook for each level is the Annotated Teachers Edition where you will find the Program Resources on the first page. These program resources include a direct link to each resource, such as Flashcards, Games, and Communicative Activities, etc. See below for more information.

Explore Links: Click here to navigate to Explore, powered by iCulture. It will open the archive to monthly videos and songs as well as weekly articles, all in the target language. This is available for teachers of Spanish, French, and German.


See the images below to explore the student and teacher resources in Passport. Click on the red buttons to learn more about the environment or read the summary below each image.


Resources Summary

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April 3, 2018