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How can I edit a resource document on a Chromebook?

Resource documents in Passport are editable PDFs.  Once you have downloaded a Resource Document from the Create section in Passport, …

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Where Do I Find My eBooks and Workbooks?

Where do I find my eBook assignments and Workbooks? 1. At the top of your student homepage, you’ll notice something …

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How do I edit a graphic organizer on a Chromebook?

Graphic Organizers are editable PDFs.  Once you have downloaded a Graphic Organizer from the links button in your ebook, it …

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Achieving Global Competence: A Critical Imperative

2017 Professional Development Webinar Series

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What are some general troubleshooting steps?

You can resolve most issues with one of these steps: Switch browsers. We recommend Chrome or Safari. Make sure your …

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