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How do I enable and disable school licenses?

This article explains to District Administrators how to disable licenses from a school so that they may be re-allocated. This typically happens at the beginning of the school year.

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How do I download eBook seat history?

This article explains how to download a spreadsheet detailing the students associated with your licenses, the last time your students logged into their account and the last time they accessed the eBook.

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Where are my Passport classes listed?

If you are currently, or have previously been enrolled in more than one Passport course, you will have access to …

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Why does iCulture ask for a password?

If iCulture is asking for a password when accessing though Passport, read this article.

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Why do my completed assignment still show as pending?

This article explains how to correctly submit your assignment in Passport. If your assignment is still "pending," after you enter your answers, read this article.

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