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How do I assign Discover (eBook) activities?

1. At the top of the page there is a toolbar. Click on the Assign button in that toolbar. It …

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How to Edit a Course

To modify active eBooks, click on the eBook image. Then, the Edit Active Books window will appear. Here you can …

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How can I view a summary of just one student?

To view the complete profile of a student, click on a course from the Courses page first. Then, choose the student whose profile you want to view, by clicking on the student’s name or profile picture from your student list.

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Where can I see an overview of one of my courses?

The Course Profile page displays three tabs: Class Information, Student Performance, and Textbooks. Course Information Includes the course name, the …

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How Do I Contact My Teacher?

How do I contact my teacher? You can also contact your teacher through your Passport student homepage at the bottom …

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