Activity Icons in eBooks

We recently posted a usability update to Passport that addresses the display of activity icons (pen and paper icons). This last summer a change was made to the system that resulted in activity icons only showing up in student ebooks once they had been assigned by the teacher. This caused some unintended confusion for teachers and students alike. As a result we have updated the interface to always display activity icons, but to make them interactive only when assigned.


The screenshot below illustrates this new and improved view. In it you can see select icons are partially transparent and relegated to the background, whereas assigned activities are full color and brought to the foreground, and upon hovering with your mouse, slightly magnify. Only the full color/fully opaque activity icons are clickable by the students as they are the only ones assigned via Passport. In order for additional pen and paper icons to be clickable and interactive, they will need to be assigned by the teacher. Once assigned, these activities will remain accessible for the life of the class to ensure that students can access their work in order to study for end of unit/end of year tests and quizzes.



We sincerely apologize for any confusion or disruption the previous interface may have caused and we are very hopeful this new interface may alleviate some of the questions and/or concerns that may have arisen while working in the ebooks from Passport.


August 11, 2017

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