In-App Notifications, Feedback, and more!

In-App Notifications

Since Passport launched in the Fall of 2014, a lot of new features and content have been added. We have made many efforts to communicate these features as they’re added, but have always had limitations in doing so.

Today, we are excited to announce that we have a brand new way to communicate these updates to you, our valued Passport community. You may notice a new mail icon in the upper left-hand corner of your screen (and maybe that’s even how you got here today), this is where In-App Notifications now reside.

You can expect regular updates from the Passport Development team when new features or content are added to the program, and sometimes just to say “hi!” (we promise not to bother you too often).

In addition to notifications from us about new features and functionality, this feature also allows you, the teacher, to send notifications out to your students. We encourage you to check it out and hope that you find it a valuable tool when communicating with your classes

Expanded Feedback Options

Feedback is an important part of the language-learning process. In Passport, we have always offered great opportunities to provide your students with meaningful, formative feedback in your Perform tasks (Avenue). Today we are excited to announce that we have expanded the opportunities for written feedback to all activity types, including eBook activities. When evaluating and grading your students’ work you will now see a text-entry field that allows you to write individualized feedback to students on a task-by-task basis. This feedback will be presented to the student via the green feedback notification icon on the student dashboard and also alongside the grade-book entries in the grades window. We hope this is a valuable tool that will help you provide students with the support and reinforcement they need to succeed in their language learning.

Ongoing Gradebook Refinement

Over the last semester we’ve gotten a lot of feedback about the grades page in Passport. Some of our previous posts in this blog have outlined changes and improvements to that page based on your feedback. We continue to refine and enhance that interface as feedback continues to roll in. One new refinement in this update is a new gradebook sorting. When viewing a list of assignments, you can now filter by assignment status (Pending, Overdue, etc.). This is a small change, but we think it will be helpful in saving you a few clicks as you grade your students’ work in Passport.

As always, thank you for your continued support. Your feedback and passion for language learning are what help us improve Passport, and make language-learning fun and engaging for all of our students.

Looking forward to more frequent communication with our Passport community. Until next time…

June 13, 2017

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