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Using special characters to answer questions in Passport

Passport provides a special characters keyboard which can be utilized when answering an assignment that requires text input from the student. This article provides detailed instructions to students in using these special characters.

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Accessing Flipgrid from Mobile Devices

Flipgrid is a video discussion community for the classroom. Students can use Flipgrid to record video responses to Passport assignments …

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Allowing Passport access to audio when Texthelp PDF Reader is installed

Texthelp’s PDF Reader plugin is a Google Chrome plugin used by schools for text-to-speech, translation and collaboration. Unfortunately, when it …

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Teacher access to Flipgrid in Safari

Teachers accessing Flipgrid through the Safari browser will see the “Educator Login” prompt instead of being granted access to Flipgrid. …

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How does a student use the filters to access resources from a different grade in Passport? (ELA)

How to access your digital teacher and student resources for your World Language program in Passport

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