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How do I create a course? (World Languages – Passport – 2019)

This article explains how to add a course for your World Languages program in Passport.

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Our school uses Clever, what do I need to do? (Passport)

Newly Generated Clever Courses When Clever imports new courses into Passport, teachers must choose which ebooks to activate for their …

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How can I use Google Classroom to help enroll students in Passport?

If you have use Google Classroom in your classroom, here’s how you can use it to help enroll students in Passport.

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How can I create a temporary password for a student? (Passport)

This article explains how to reset a student password in case they are locked out of their Passport account.

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How do I activate a textbook for a Clever imported course? (Passport)

When courses are generated from Clever, course language does not transfer with the student roster. A course program/textbook needs to be updated with your first log into Passport. Reach this article about how to activate your textbooks.

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