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Using Passport to Develop 21st Century Skills

2017 Professional Development Webinar Series

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How do I clear Chrome’s Local Storage? (Passport)

Passport saves a small amount of data to your computer to improve performance. Sometimes this data conflicts with new data …

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What are the system requirements for Passport?

Recommended minimum system requirements for Passport: Supported Internet Browsers: (Current version of a web browser is important. Please verify you …

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How do I get my students started?(Zulama)

New Zulama Students Step1: Either from your Dashboard or from the Courses tab, navigate to the appropriate course. Step 2: Click on the …

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Where can I learn more about using Zulama’s system?

A series of Zulama navigation videos are available below. These videos include information about the Dashboard, how to schedule your lessons and activities, and how …

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