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How do I remove ads from the YouTube videos embedded in my lessons? (Zulama)

Blocking ads on YouTube videos must be done at the user end site (your computer). To do this, please ask …

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What if my username or password doesn’t work? (Zulama)

Usernames and passwords are case sensitive. Make sure you are entering them correctly. If you forgot either or both of them, …

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How do I reset a student password? (Zulama)

Step 1: Navigate to your Course Roster. Step 2: Click on change password next to the student whose password you wish to reset. Remember that passwords are case …

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How do I redeem my eBook access code?

eBook access codes are provided to students by their instructors or via email. Instructors will receive their student access codes …

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Mirrors and Windows Quick Start Video

Follow along with this video to help get started with EMC Passport.  

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