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How are grades calculated in Gradebook? (Zulama)

Gradebook calculates the student’s current grade in the following manner: Discussion assignment grades are always used to calculate the current …

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Why can’t students access a particular assignment or lesson? (Zulama)

Teachers control which assignments are open and closed using the Manage Schedule tab. If an assignment or lesson is closed, …

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Allowing Multiple Responses to an Assignment (Zulama)

While most teachers will not create assignments on their own, using only the assignments provided in the curriculum syllabus, some …

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What happens after I finish my course specific training? (Zulama)

Complete the final activity in the course specific training. Upload your response to the final activity according to the directions …

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What are the technical requirements for using Zulama?

The following baseline requirements apply to all courses: Requirements: Zulama is accessed through a browser. The latest version of Chrome …

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