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What if my username or password doesn’t work? (Zulama)

Usernames and passwords are case sensitive. Make sure you are entering them correctly. If you forgot either or both of them, …

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How do I access Zulama’s system?

The User Login button on Zulama’s website will direct you to the login page for Zulama’s system. You can also go directly to the system’s …

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How do I close a course at the end of the semester? (Zulama)

Closing a course to students is different than closing a course to the teacher. To close course elements to your …

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Can I export Gradebook data for use in another system? (Zulama)

Grades entered for Zulama assignments can be exported to a comma separated values file (.csv) that can be easily uploaded …

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Can Zulama grade quizzes for me?

If the quiz is made up of multiple choice, matching, and ordering questions only, yes, Zulama can grade your quizzes for you. …

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