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Can I grade multiple students’ responses at once? (Zulama)

Yes! Zulama now allows for bulk grading of assignments. Many teachers choose to make some larger assignments group projects, and …

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Can my students change their user names? (Zulama)

Students have limited ability to edit the details of their accounts. Information they can effect include: –Personal Details: found on …

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How do I complete Course Specific Training? (Zulama)

Before teaching a Zulama course, you must first complete Course Specific Training and receive a badge. Then you will be …

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Using the Export links button (Zulama)

Export Links is a button on the syllabus page that allows you to run a report listing all links and …

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How are grades calculated in Gradebook? (Zulama)

Gradebook calculates the student’s current grade in the following manner: Discussion assignment grades are always used to calculate the current …

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