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What additional programs are necessary for a Zulama course?

This article is organized by course. Under each course you will find the program(s) needed for completion. These are 3rd …

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How do I access the IRC? (Enable Flash)

If you are having difficulty accessing the Internet Resource Center, it is likely that you need to allow Flash to …

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Zulama LCMS Platform Status

October 19, 2018 4:00 pm CST We are happy to report that the Zulama learning environment is online and functioning …

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How do I download an eBook from the dropbox link you provided?

If you need offline access to an eBook, please reach out to connect@emcschool.com. *WARNING: eBook file sizes are very large …

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How to Download and Access your eBook on an iPad

Before you can begin enjoying your Downloaded version of your eBook, please read all of the following: System Requirements An …

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