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How to Download and Access your eBook on an iPad

Before you can begin enjoying your Downloaded version of your eBook, please read all of the following: System Requirements An …

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How do I access my eBook?

To log in and access your EMC eBooks, visit the EMC eBooks web site (https://emc.bookshelf.emcp.com/) and log in. If this …

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Our school uses Clever, what do I need to do? (Passport)

Newly Generated Clever Courses When Clever imports new courses into Passport, teachers must choose which ebooks to activate for their …

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How do I score Perform activities using the scoring rubric?

A Perform task can now be graded using an ACTFL-aligned rubric that allows teachers to track their students’ proficiency growth …

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EMC eBooks Features

The EMC eBook platform has several features built in to make it easy to use. This article will walk you …

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