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Accessing Flipgrid from Mobile Devices

Flipgrid is a video discussion community for the classroom. Students can use Flipgrid to record video responses to Passport assignments to prompts and topics created by their teachers. Since video recording is not supported in mobile browsers, students wishing to use Flipgrid on a mobile device will need to download and launch the Flipgrid app. These instructions will guide students through launching the Flipgrid app.

  1. Install the Flipgrid app from either the Apple App store or Google Play store.
  2. Log in to Passport using your mobile browser (Safari or Chrome).
  3. Within Passport, click the Resources icon:
    Passport home screen for students with the resources icon highlighted
  4. The first icon under Resources should be Fliprgrid – My Share Topics. Click that resource.
    Resources tab showing the first title (Flipgrid - My Share Topics)
  5. Click the Log in with Passport button when prompted.
    Log in with Passport button for Flipgrid
  6. You will be taken to the Flipgrid home for your class. Scroll down to see the “+” sign that will launch Flipgrid and click it.
    Flipgrid view in Mobile browser (top)
    Flipgrid view in Mobile browser (bottom)
  7. When prompted to Use the Flipgrid App, click “Open in App”
    Flipgrid prompt to open in app when launched from mobile browser
  8. You will be taken to the Flipgrid App and can find your topics for responses.

Flipgrid app home


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October 10, 2019