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How do I add students to a course? (Passport)

Before students can be enrolled in Passport, there must be a course created in Passport to add them to.

Passport identifies students by an e-mail address, but students do not need to access that email to be enrolled in Passport. The student’s email address is simply a unique username login. It is recommended that students use a school e-mail addresses to register with on Passport. Students can change the profile picture or password in Passport, but they cannot change their Passport e-mail address/username once it has been entered. Passwords can now be reset by teachers, eliminating the need for an active student email address.

There are three ways to add students to a course.

Choose the method that best meets your needs. Directions for each method can be found below.

A.  Share a course invite code with students. This method is recommended for adding large numbers of students at the beginning of the course. Students will create their own account and set their own password.

B.  Manually add students. This method is recommended for adding smaller numbers of students.

C.  Create a roster upload.  This method is recommended for adding a large number of students. The school Tech Department may be able to help you with this by generating a CSV file.


A.  Shared Invite Code

(Note: This method is recommended for adding large numbers of students at the beginning of the course.)

Each course generates its own invite code, so be careful to only share the code to one course with the students who are to be enrolled in that particular course.

1. Once logged into Passport, click on the course name for which students need to be added.

2. The Course Profile will appear. Click the blue Add Student button at the right of your Course Profile page.

3. The Add Student window will appear and an invite code will display in a blue box. This invite code is the Invite code for this course. Click on this code to copy the code to the clipboard. Share this invite code with the entire class, so that they can self-enroll.

4.  Students will visit and click REGISTER.

Passport Registration Window

If the student new to Passport, they will be prompted to enter their information and create a password.

New Student registration

If the student has been enrolled in Passport before, they will be asked to enter their password to continue.

Existing student registration

A new course invite code should be shared for each individual course created in Passport.


B.  Manual Entry

Teachers can manually enter a student’s e-mail address, first and last name to enroll them into a course. Only use this method for a small number of course attendees. For returning Passport students, the system will automatically populate the student’s first and last name for you, based on the e-mail address entered.

1. Once logged into Passport, click on the course name for  which students need to be added.

2. The Course Profile will appear. Click the blue Add Student button at the right of your Course Profile page.

Add student

3. In the Add Student window, enter the student’s email address in the Student Email filed.

Add student manually

4.  After you enter the student’s e-mail address. If the student is new to Passport, you’ll need to add a First Name, Last Name, and Temporary Password. Click Add Student to complete the registration process.

Adding students manually

If the student has an activated Passport account, the name fields will auto-populate after entering their e-mail address. Click Add Student to complete the registration process.

5. Choose a temporary password for the student to log into their account. A temporary password must be entered for each student to use when logging in for the first time. This ensures the student has access to their Passport account, regardless if the student has access to their school email inbox. It is recommended to select an common temporary password for all students as students will be immediately prompted to change the password upon login.

6. NEW FEATURE. If you are adding a student after the course start, you can assign all course assignments at the time you enroll them into your course. After entering the student information, click Assign previous course activities to student. All assignments that have been assigned in this course will automatically be assigned to the new student.

assign previous assignments

C.  Roster Upload

Passport allows automatic class roster uploads with the use of CSV formatted spreadsheets.

Before you can begin formatting a spreadsheet, a course needs to be created in Passport. One course for each period is required. The CSV spreadsheet is formatted as shown below:

How to find the Course ID:

Finding the Course ID at the end of the Passport URL

1. In Passport, from the course dashboard, select the course which you want to find the course ID. Each course in Passport has its own unique course ID. In the example above, I am choosing the course titled, “Spanish Period 1”

2. Once you are in your course, viewing your Class Profile; notice the URL address. The Course ID is the five digit number at the end of the URL.

3. In this example above, the course ID is “80479.” For each student enrolled in this Spanish Period 1, 80479 will be their Course ID.

4. If you would like to include multiple courses in your Class Roster upload, please make sure that you keep the courses grouped together.

5. You can have several courses from multiple instructors in one upload, but for organizational purposes, one spreadsheet per school is recommended.

Data file requirements

Final data file includes all necessary student information on one line

Data upload requirements


Send completed data file to  The User Experience Team will follow up with you once the roster upload is complete.

Clever and ClassLink Automatic Rostering and Single Sign-On

EMC Schools has partnered with Clever and ClassLink to provide course rostering and single sign-on. School districts that have implemented Clever or ClassLink into their Student Information System may be eligible to connect directly via those applications for both rostering and single sign-on. To discuss this option in more detail, please email

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March 16, 2020