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Allowing Passport access to audio when Texthelp PDF Reader is installed

Texthelp’s PDF Reader plugin is a Google Chrome plugin used by schools for text-to-speech, translation and collaboration. Unfortunately, when it is installed, it prevents students from playing embedded audio files within Passport by default. This article describes the changes needed in Texthelp PDF reader to allow students to play embedded audio files.

The Problem

An activity with embedded audio is unable to play: it shows as 0:00/0:00 on the timer for the student

screenshot of listening activity showing 0:00 / 0:00

The Workaround

  1. Locate the TextHelpPDF Reader icon in the right click on the icon from the browser: screenshot of texthelp icon
    (It is normally located to the right of the address bar:)
    Location of the texthelp icon in the browser bar
  2. Right click Texthelp icon and choose “This can read and change site data”
    Right click menu for Texthelp
  3. Change the selection that says “On All Sites” by default to be “When you click the extension” instead. This will leave the Texthelp PDF reader installed for students to use with other applications when they click on it, but also allow Passport to play embedded audio files.
  4. Once this is done, do a hard refresh in the browser tab.
    1. For PC, hold down the control key and click the browser’s reload button. Alternatively, you can use Control + F5.
    2. For Chromebook, hold down the control key and click the browser’s reload button.
    3. For Mac, hold down the shift key and click the browser’s reload button. Alternatively, you can use Command+Shift+R. 
  5. Once this is done, the student should be able to play the embedded audio. You will observe that the timer now reads correctly (not 0:00/0:00).

embedded audio now showing the correct time 0:00/1:19


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October 7, 2019