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How do I enroll students to their eBooks? (EMC eBooks)

Instructors may enroll their students in the EMC Bookshelf by providing an access code to their eBook or by using their student’s email address to enroll them to the access code. This article will detail both processes of student enrollment for EMC eBooks.

Enrolling New Students in the EMC Bookshelf Using Access Codes

The most seamless way of enrolling students to the EMC Bookshelf is by the way of access codes. Teachers may download a spreadsheet of access codes and physically distribute them to students.

Students may redeem access codes after logging into their account.

Before providing your students an access code, please ensure your students have created their  EMC eBooks account. Please click here for detailed instructions on creating an EMC eBooks account.

Accessing your Access Codes

To access the codes that you will be providing your students, select “Admin” from the bottom navigation pane in your EMC eBook account.

If you do not have the admin option, please contact your District Administrator or Technical Support.

Under the Teacher Admin section, select “Manage Teacher Licenses.”

The license management page displays licenses titles and the quantities that have been allocated to you.

Choose which program or set of licenses you wish to view and select the corresponding Action button, select Manage.


“No Data Available in Table”

If you see, “No Data Available in Table,” this means you must generate your codes.

To do this select “Generate All Codes” from the top menu.

After generating all codes you will see your table populate with one code for each license.

Select “Download All Codes” to export your codes to a spreadsheet.

Open the Excel document containing your access codes, highlight your codes and enlarge the size.

Print your codes and provide them to your students.

Please click here for instructions on how your students may redeem an access code.

Once a student redeems a code, their email address will appear in your license management table next to the code that was used. You will also see the last time the user logged in and accessed the eBook.

Enrollment Students Using Email Address

You may enroll your student to an eBook access code using their email address. This process will only work if your student has a pre-existing EMC eBooks account.

To begin, navigate to your Teacher License Management page and view your access codes.

Select the “Assign Student” button next to an access code.

Enter the student email address and select the “Assign User” button.

After assigning an email to the access code, you will see their information populate in the license management table.

To upload a roster to EMC eBooks using an Excell document, click here.

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May 30, 2019