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How can I add an assignment to my course? (Zulama)

To add an assignment to your course:

  1. Click on Assignments to navigate to your assignment list for the course.
  2. Click on New Assignments.
  3. Choose the type of assignment you wish to create:
    Reading: Readings usually include a link to a reading assignment or a short reading piece pasted into the assignment, followed by questions about the text.
    Homework: Homework can be anything from a guided research question to a mini-quiz.
    Project: Projects tend to be larger productions and often require the student to upload a file showing his or her final work.
    Quiz and Test: Quizzes and Tests can include any type of question and be any length.
    Discussion: Discussions are conversations among the students and teacher about a specific question or topic within the course.
    Activity: Similar to a Project.
    Webquest: Webquests often end in uploaded project files based on internet research.
  4. Enter TitleDescription (this is the explanation of the overall assignment that the student will see, not instructions for the student on an individual question), and Instructor’s Note (which can include Standards met by the assignment, instructor tips to facilitate student involvement).
  5. Randomize multiple choice answers: When Yes is selected, all multiple choice questions will have their possible answers randomized instead of appearing in the order in which they were input when the question was created.
  6. Allow multiple attempts: This option allows a student to respond to the assignment more than once, if you choose.
  7. Choose a Lesson: Each assignment must be attached to an existing lesson within the course.
  8. Add a question:
    Multiple Choice: Multiple choice questions require a question, followed by at least two possible answers. If Randomize multiple choice answers is selected above, the answers will not always appear in the order in which they were input. Signify the correct answer by clicking the round radio button to the left of that answer. If you wish to add more possible answers, click Add Another. Multiple choice questions will be automatically scored by the Zulama LCMS.

    Matching: Matching questions are input by typing the first column word in the first text box and the matching second column word in the second. There must be at least three pairs of matching terms. Column contents will be randomized when presented to students. Again, if you wish to add column pairs, click on Add Another. Matching questions will be automatically scored by the Zulama LCMS.

    Ordering: Enter one answer, in the correct order for the question, in each textbox. Students will be asked to provide a number (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) for each randomized answer, putting them in the proper order.Ordering questions will be automatically scored by the Zulama LCMS.
    Calculated Question: A math word question with a numeric answer. Type the question in the question box and the answer in the box below.
    Short Answer: A question requiring a one-phrase or -sentence answer. Type the question in the question box and the answer in the box below.
    Fill-in-the-Blank question: The syntax for these questions is shown in the screenshot below. Each term that the student must fill in must be enclosed in square brackets.

    Essay: A question requiring a long form written answer. Type the question in the question box and suggested topics that should be covered by the student in the box below.
    File Upload: For any assignment where a student will be asked to provide a file for grading, there must be a File Upload question. Type the response requirements (ie, “Provide a graphic explanation of the game’s purpose”) in the textbox provided. The students will see that instruction and a button to upload their assignment response.
  9. Save: Once you have created the assignment, click save at the bottom of the page. Your assignment will appear with the lesson with which you associated it. You can open the assignment to student responses using the Manage Schedule tab.

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March 16, 2018