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Our school uses Clever, what do I need to do? (Passport)

Newly Generated Clever Courses

When Clever imports new courses into Passport, teachers must choose which ebooks to activate for their courses. When the instructors log into their account, they will see a window asking them to activate eBooks for their courses.

Teachers should do this when they log into their account. It will appear as soon as they log in.

Deactivate Previous Clever Courses

Teachers may have Passport courses from the previous year. It is important that instructors select the Deactivate toggle switch on their completed courses, from the courses page, so that their active courses are easy to find. The Development Team is working on building an archiving feature in Passport that will hide the inactive courses from view.

The benefit of deactivating courses is when a teacher assigns an activity, they only see active courses.

Rename Course Titles

The name of the course appears similar to a school’s Student Information System  (SIS). If the course title is hard to recognize, please change a course title to help students and teachers to better recognize their course.

Change course titles by selecting the pencil icon to the right of the course title. An edit window will appear to make changes. Click Save when you’re finished.

Filter by Date

On the Courses page, teachers can filter their courses by date, showing only their most recent courses at the top.

Students Enrolled into Multiple Courses

When student data is imported into Passport, courses for the entire school year may be displaying. Some students will be enrolled in multiple courses and must make sure they are viewing their correct course.

The drop-down menu in the top-left of the student dashboard shows their current course. If a student is enrolled in multiple courses, there will be a drop-down menu.

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August 22, 2018