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How do I create my account using a district code?

When your school district adopts Zulama, a district code to assigned to the district’s Zulama account. Instructors in your school district can use the district code to set up their Zulama account.

Setting up a Zulama account using a district code

Step 1: Find New User Set-Up

Go to the login page:
Click the “New o Zulama? Click here!” link.






Step 2: District Code

To fill out the form, you will need to know your Zulama-assigned District Code.

If you’re at a Zulama Training or Implementation Meeting, your Zulama rep should be able to provide your District Code for you.

If you are setting up your account on your own and don’t know your District Code, click on the “Don’t have a district code? Click here.” link, and you will receive your District Code information via email.

Step 3: Fill out the form

Choose your School Name from the dropdown. Input your name, position, and email address. Then click Submit.

Step 4: Log into your account


Once you submit the form, you will immediately receive an email with your Zulama login and password.

You can now log into and access your Zulama account.




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June 14, 2018