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Where are my school district’s eBooks located? (EMC eBooks)

When your school or school district purchases eBooks from EMC School, the licenses are loaded onto an account built for the school. Instructors are added to the school district by their District Administrator in the EMC Bookshelf and licenses are distributed to their account.

When a school initially adopts eBooks from EMC, one person is designated as the District Administrator.

District Administrators are the point of contact for your EMC eBooks and provide the licenses to your account. If you are not sure who your District Administrator is, please contact EMC School for Technical Support.

Distributing eBooks works like a distribution chain. EMC assigns the eBook licenses to your district, the District Admin will assign the eBook licenses to a school within the district.

When the school receives the eBook licenses, either the district administrator or the school administrator allocated the eBook licenses.

In smaller school districts, the District Administrator will allocate licenses to the school and the instructors.

Large school districts normally choose one or two people at each school to allocate to the instructors at that school.

Once the instructors have their licenses, they can provide access codes to their students. For instructions on how instructors access their student licenses, please click here.


Allocating eBook Licenses to a School from District Licenses


The first step for all District/Institutional Admins when assigning eBook licenses to teachers is to allocate the eBooks from your district licenses page to the school or schools. Select the Admin button.

If you are missing your Admin button, please contact your District Administrator or Technical Support.



The Admin page

From the Admin page, in the District Admin area at the top, click Manage District Licenses. This will take you to the District Licenses page which lists the licenses your district or institution has access to.

District Licenses

The District Licenses page displays a lot of very important information such as, Seat Capacity, Date Expiration, Status and more.

The Seat Capacity column displays the total number of eBook licenses available.

Date Expiration indicates how long your district will have access to the particular eBook.

The Status will let you know whether the eBook is currently active or inactive.





On the far right of the page is the Actions box.

Click Actions and you will see a small drop-down box displaying your options, View and Manage.

Clicking View will open the View License page





Here you can view more the detailed information regarding this order of eBook licenses.

Most of the information displayed on this page can be seen on the District Licenses page.


The Manage selection provides access to the District License Management page for the eBook you selected. This is where you begin the Manage District Licenses process by assigning licenses to a school.



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