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New EMC eBooks Design

The EMC eBook platform has a new look for improved functionality. This article will walk you through the new design of EMC eBooks.


Login Screen

The login screen changed, however, your login information did not change.


Bottom Navigation Bar


The bottom navigation bar has four options: Redeem, Books, Account, and if you have district licenses, Admin.
use the redeem button to redeem an access code for an eBook.
Books: Click this button to see the eBooks on your bookshelf.
Account: Use the account button to update your password or other account details. Under Account, you can see a list of eBooks available, expiration dates and print any notes that you’ve taken in your eBooks.
Admin: The admin button is available for instructors who have access to district licenses for students. Click this button to access your licenses for student enrollment.


Top Navigation Bar

The top navigation bar has three options: Log out, Night / Day mode, Contact Support.

Log out: Click the padlock to log out of your EMC eBooks account. When you click the padlock, you will be asked if you’re sure you want to log out.
Toggle between night mode and day mode: When you select the Sun icon, your display will change to night mode which will show darker colors to make viewing easier on your eyes while viewing eBooks in low levels of light. You may toggle back to day mode by clicking on the half crescent.
Contact Support: Click the “?” icon to conveniently contact EMC School Technical Support for help with EMC School eBooks.

eBook Navigation

The layout of the eBooks is improved for easier navigation.  The tool menu is found in the center of the bottom navigation bar between the magnifying glasses. Click the menu toolbox to open your toolbox options.


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July 13, 2018