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Where do I find my teacher and student resources? (ELA – Passport )

See the images below to explore the student and teacher resources in Passport. Select the red buttons to learn more about the environment or read the summary below each image.

Once logged into Passport, click on the Resources tab at the top of the page. Resources on this page include:

Student eBooks: This section displays the student resources. The eBooks available in this section is what students have access to.

Teacher eBooks: This section displays the Teacher Editions of the resources. The first eBook for each level is the Annotated Teachers Edition where the program resources are located on the first page.

Expand eBooks: This section contains the eBooks for the supplementary novels where students will practice close reading and media literacy skills.


Resources Summary

Select your program

The eBooks should already be displayed upon entering this page.

Annotated Teachers Edition (eATE)

The first title that appears in the Teacher eBooks section is the Annotated Teachers Edition (eATE). Program resources for each level can be found on the first page in the eATE of a particular level.

Hover over the cover to see the title

Hover the mouse over the cover of an eBook to see the title.


Scroll Bar

Use the scrollbar below the eBooks to move left and right in order to see the higher levels of the eBook program.

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April 3, 2018