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Can I use ExamView assessments in Google Classroom?

By copying the ExamView questions into a Google Form, a teacher is able to easily share an ExamView assessment through their Google Classroom.

You will need to have downloaded the ExamView Test Builder folder for your textbook. Visit this article to learn more about how to download ExamView.

You will need to create a Google Forms to begin creating an assessment using ExamView items to post in your Google Classroom.

1. Open up the ExamView assessment you would like to publish.

2. Review the assessment to decide which items you want to include on the assessment. Do you want just multiple-choice items? Do you want to include matching?

3. Review the assessment at the item level detail at the end of the assessment. Do you like how the items are laid out? (Are all of the matching easy? Or are there difficult ones first?)  Do you want to change the order of any of them?

4. Once you have reviewed the assessment, you may now double-click on any item in the Lesson Test or Unit Exam to copy and paste / questions and answer into the Google Form you created.

The answers must be copied and pasted one at a time.

Remember if you change an assessment in ExamView, make certain you have “Saved As” at the beginning. This will allow you to still have the original copy.

5. Keep adding questions to the Google Form and choose the type of question you’d like create.

6. At the top of your Google Form, select the Settings gear and go into the Quizzes section, select the toggle to Make this a quiz. With this setting, you can add the answers and the level of ways to release the grade to the student. This will immediately add the Answer key section at the bottom of an item you created. When you click on Answer key you can enter the answer and the value here.

Once you are done with creating the assessment in the Google Form and have added the answers, you will need to Send (at the top of the screen) and decide who you’ll send this quiz to.

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May 5, 2020