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Where do I find the Video Activities? (Passport – World Languages)

Accessing the Video Activities eBook in Passport is the same for each program. You may access the Video Activities Manual from the Resources page or by accessing the Program Resources.  The video files can be accessed in the Program Resources of the eATE as well.

Accessing the Video Activities in Passport

After logging into Passport, navigate to the resources tab and select your program.

After choosing your program, navigate to the Teacher eBooks section. Hover your mouse over the 5th cover of any level, the title will appear. Click the title to open the eBook.

The Video Program Manual is also accessible through the Program Resouces of any program.

Open the eATE for the program and level, navigate to page 01 and select, “Video Program Teacher’s Edition.”

Video files are also available through the Program Resources.

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March 19, 2018