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Getting Started: GameMaker for Zulama

Directions for purchasing GameMaker Licenses and getting started with the Zulama program.

Zulama courses that use GameMaker include:

  • GameMaker Programming I & II
  • Coding with GameMaker
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science Principles
  • Introduction to Computer Science through Game Design

Please see the instructions below to begin setting up your students with GameMaker.

After adopting a Zulama package that requires GameMaker 2.0, a set of GameMaker licenses can be purchased from Studica. This link provides information about the Educator purchases via Studica.

Once licenses are purchased, they are transferred to your YoYo Games account. If you do not have an account, you will not be able to provide licenses to your students.

Step 1: Create a YoYo Games account

A) Before you purchase GameMaker licenses, you must create a Yoyo Games account where the licenses will be stored.

To create an account, go to: and click the Little icon for a person that leads to the  Login/Register prompt  button for “Login/Register” located between the magnifying glass and the “Get GameMaker” button.

B)  On the right hand-side of the screen, select, “Sign Up”.

C) Fill out the required information in the Account Registration section. When you’re finished, select the Register button.

*Account email must be an email address that you have access to.



Once you finish registration, you will be sent to the login page from step B. An email is sent to the address you used to create your account.

Step 2: Confirm your YoYo Games Account

A) Check your email for a messaged with the follow subject:  “Your GameMaker account“.

-This email will contain a link for you to confirm your new account. Once you’ve confirm your account, you will be able to receive GameMaker licenses.
-You can find video tutorials for help getting started with GameMaker in this email.
-You will need to download a trial version of GameMaker. After your purchase is complete, you’ll be able to easily upgrade to the full education version of GameMaker

Step 3: Purchase GameMaker Studio Access

This link provides information about the Educator purchases via Studica. For the 2019-20 school year, all GameMaker purchases should be made through Studica, not EMC/Carnegie Learning or YoYo Games.


Step 4: Allocate Licenses

Once the GameMaker licenses have been purchased, your YoYo Games account will receive the licenses which can be allocated to yourself and your students as “seats”. You will have a Seats menu in your YoYo Games account which you can use to manage licenses.

A) Log into your YoYo Games Account and select, “Seats” from the left navigation menu.
B) You will see the number of seats used and the seat limit under the Licenses section.



C) Select the, “Create a new seat” button to generate one or more GameMaker license.




D) Under the “Create a Seat” menu, choose a username. The username will be associated with all seats you generate.
When you generate a seat, a random string of numbers will append to each username. The username will be the same for each of your students, where the “seat” is the random string of numbers.


Example: if you use the username of “Zulama”, each seat will look similar to “Zulama.001.2378”  where “001.2378” is the randomly generated number.

The unique username is how students will register their copy of GameMaker software. Students will be able to access GameMaker from school and register a copy of GameMaker for home use as well. 

*Each seat is active for 1-year.*

You can choose to generate all of your seats or one at a time. Students may download GameMaker 2.0 and register GameMaker with the username you provide.

Step 5: Installing GameMaker on school devices

To begin installing GameMaker, please go to YoYo Games and download the trial of GameMaker. Go To: and login to your account.

A) You may be asked to update profile information. Please complete your profile to continue.
B) From the left navigation menu, select, “GameMaker”.







C) Select, “Download” from the drop-down menu.











D) Choose your operating system.








E) The installation package will download to your device.
F) Run the installation.

G) You may have to whitelist the following addresses to complete the installation:

H) Once the installation is completed, students may log into GameMaker using the username and password you generated in step 4.









The seats are per machine rather than per user. You would only need to purchase the amount of licenses for the amount of machines the software will be running on. Please note this includes teacher’s machines as well e.g. if you have 20 student machines and 1 teacher machine, you would need to purchase 21 licenses.

When you have purchased the licenses you then create the 20 seats to be assigned for student machines and 1 seat to assign as a teacher.

For example, if you have 40 students but will be teaching them in 2 separate classes of 20 students you would only need 20 licenses to match the 20 machines that GameMaker Studio 2 will be installed on.

As you would be re-using these 20 seats each lesson, between for example, your 40 students you will likely want to take advantage of the auto-log out preference we recently added to GameMaker Studio 2 version More information on this preference can be found in our Automatically Log Users Out Each Time GMS2 Is Closed guide. This will prevent the seats from exceeding their maximum permitted amount of logins.

If you need assistance during any part of this process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to for assistance.

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September 3, 2019