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How do I create a course? (Zulama – Passport – 2019)

When a teacher logs into Passport for the first time, they will be taken to the Courses page. The Courses page is the home page for a teacher. (On subsequent logins, the teacher will be taken to the last course they were working in.)

After logging in to Passport for the first time, a blank Courses page will appear. A course is necessary in order to enroll students or view teacher and student resources. From the teacher home page, click the  Add Course button:

Shows teachers the "Add Course" Button

(If you have already added courses, the Add Course link appears at the top right above the list of classes:)

Showing the Add Course button above the list of classes

In the Add Course dialog box, fill out the following required fields:

Program: Select the program you’ll be teaching in this course. (For Zulama, this will always be Computer Science).

Course: Select the course you’ll be teaching in this class. Note: you will be able to assign and view resources from other courses, in addition to the level you select.

Title: Use a title that helps define the course(s) that you’ll be teaching. Students will look for this course name to verify they are in the correct course.

Co-Teachers: Passport now allows for the addition of a co-teacher. Co-teachers will have the same functionality as the primary teacher. This field is optional but does allow for the selection of multiple co-teachers if necessary.

Start Date / End Date: Select a start and end date for this course. On the End Date, this
course will deactivate so that a teacher cannot assign or evaluate new material and students cannot make changes to assignments. Both teachers and students will be able to access a deactivated course for up to 4 years after the course End Date.

Set Max Attempts: Select 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or Unlimited attempts. This selection will apply to the number of attempts a student will have to complete an eBook activity. This selection will act as a course default for any new eBook activity. This selection can be changed for a particular assignment or activity. Unlimited attempts will default any new eBook activity to a practice mode, allowing the student unlimited attempts on an activity.

Add Course: If you unable to select Add Course, please verify that all required fields are completed. Otherwise, click the Add Course button to complete your course creation.

Add Course button

Create Additional Classes: Once you have completed your course setup, you can return to the Add Courses link to create additional classes as needed.

Student view of their courses

When a student logs into Passport, they will need to view their electronic resources by clicking the purple Resources button on their home page:

Student buttons on Passport home page



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August 28, 2019