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How do I create a custom Perform Activity? (WL)

Accessing Perform

Begin by selecting Assign from the top navigation pane. From the “Choose Assignment” page, select the Perform icon.

Select, “My Activities” from the Program drop-down filter. This is where instructors access the activities they create.

To create a custom Perform activity, select the “Add a Perform Activity” button.

The Perform Activity builder will open. To build and activity you must name the activity and determine the prompt you wish your students to follow.

Enter the title of the activity under “Activity Name” and the directions in the “Prompt” field.

Selecting the “Help me create an activity” will start the on-screen directions to build an activity.

Naming the activity

Enter the name for your activity. You use this name to look up your activity and assign it to your students.

Create a Prompt

Choose a prompt for the task. This is what the student will see while they record their video.

Adding Media

Instructors have the option of choosing media from our media library or uploading their own media. The media type can be an image or video from our media library or you may record/upload your own video or image.

Recording/Uploading Media

To record a video for the Perform task, select the “Record” option. Instructors can record a video up to 90 seconds for the Perform task prompt.

To upload a video, image or sound recording, select the “Upload” option. Supported file types include, .MP4, .mov, .webm, .jpg, and .png. File size cannot exceed 100MB.

Using Media from the  Library

To use an image or video from the Perform Media Library, select the Library option.

Use the search field to find media based on keywords. Select the image to insert the file into the Perform task.

Click, “select new media”.

Choosing Settings
In the settings tab,  decide the number of views students have before recording their response, the number of attempts, the media view time and the record time.


Views and Tries: Choose 1-5 or unlimited views and/or tries students have to view the media and record their response.

View time/Record time: 30 Seconds – 3:00 is the range of time for students to view and record their response.

Instructors may allow the media to appear during the recording. Instructors can open the recording to be completed on a mobile device by selecting the mobile upload option to the right.

Select “Save Settings”.

Students will self-assess them-self at the end of their recording based on Control, Form, Context, and Comprehensibility.

Instructors will assess the student on the same measurements in the Evaluate tab after the student submits their response.

In the Score tab, instructors can make the activity worth a score or just a practice activity.

Saving the Activity

Select the “Save Changes” button and your activity will populate in the “My Activities” section of the “Program” filter.

Assign the activity using the assign process. Select the copy button to the right of the pencil to make a copy of the activity. Instructors can make copies for slight changes to be made for another class.

To better understand how to assign an activity in Passport, click here. 

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July 6, 2018