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How do I use the filters to access resources from a different course in Passport? (Computer Science)

Once logged into your Passport account, click on the Resources tab at the top of the page. By default, the resource view will only show resources for the course you have selected for your class (Level 1, Level 2, etc). However, you can access all of the resources for all of the Computer Science courses using the filters.

The magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of the Resources view provides access to the filters.

Arrow showing the location of the magnifying glass to access the filters

Once the filter has been opened, you will see options to filter by CourseResource, and Type.

Filter view for a computer science course

To see content for another course, simply add it to the filter, or remove the level filter entirely.

Filters with multiple courses added, and no courses added

Similarly, you can also filter by Resource (such as  course resources or teacher materials) or by Type (such as Teacher Edition materials). The Teacher filter under Type is a handy way to quickly find all of the teacher materials for your course.

Resource and Type filters with some options selected

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September 4, 2019