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How does a student use the filters to access resources from a different level in Passport? (World Languages)

Student views of Passport resources

When a student logs into Passport, they will see the Student Edition for the Course and Level you have selected on their home screen:

Student Home Screen showing primary textbook

Students can view additional electronic resources by clicking the purple Resources button on their home page:

Student buttons on Passport home page

Once on the Resources page, students can click the Filter Button (1) or the X to “Clear Filters” (2).

Student clear filter X and filter buttonZ

Choosing the Filter Button will allow students to select a different level and view the textbooks from that level:

Student Changing Levels

Choosing the Clear Filters option will allow students to see all of the student books for all of the levels for the course you have selected (T’es branché? 2nd edition, ¡Qué chévere! 1st edition, etc). Note: students may need to scroll down the Resources page and click Load More.

Students can also use the filter options to filter by Resource, and Type in addition to Level.

Showing the filters for Level, Resource and Type

To see content for another level, simply add it to the filter, or remove the level filter entirely.

Options for filtering by level - no levels, or multiple levels

Similarly, you can also filter by Resource (such as workbooks or vocabulary) or by Type (such as ancillary or expand). The Ancillary filter is a handy way to quickly find all of the ancillary materials.

Filter options for Resource and Type - a couple examples

While these methods do allow students to access additional resources via Filters and Levels, teachers should note that students will always see only the Student Edition for the Course and Level selected for their course on their home screen. There is no way to add additional books to the students’ home screens.

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August 31, 2019