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How to Install ExamView Test Generator

The ExamView® Assessment Suite allows you to quickly and easily create, administer, and score paper and online tests. The ExamView Assessment Suite is comprised of the ExamView Test Generator, ExamView Test Manager, and ExamView Test Player.

Teachers that use Passport or the EMC Bookshelf to access their materials, have the opportunity to download ExamView. For your convenience, we have provided step by step directions below on how to Install ExamView.

To install ExamView from your Passport account, please login to Passport account and click on the Resources tab, then follow the bullets below.

To install ExamView from your EMC Bookshelf account, please login to your account and locate the Annotated Teachers Edition.

  • Click to open your Annotated Teachers Edition and navigate to the Program Resources page.
  • To locate the Program Resources page, please follow the steps below.
    • Click on the 9 boxes or grid at the bottom of your eBook.
    • Click to open Table of Contents.
    • Program Resources will be at the top of the list.
  • Once you have your Annotated Teacher’s Edition open to the Program Resources page, please locate and click ExamView Assessment Suite.

A new tab will open in your Google Chrome web browser. Please click on your computers operating system and right click to Download.

The download will appear in the lower left-hand corner of your Google Chrome web browser.

Once the download is complete, please click to Open. If you are using a Windows computer, the file will then open in the Downloads folder located in you File Explorer. If you are on a Mac, the file will also be located under Downloads within Finder.

  • Locate the ExamView Installer and click to Open.

The ExamView InstallShield will launch, please click Next.

When the Licenses Agreement opens, please be sure to accept the terms, click Next.

Make sure to remember where the ExamView content is going to be stored and then click Next.

When installing ExamView be sure that you select the Complete download. This will ensure that you will have all the tools and materials you need to create your online tests. Then click Next to move to the next step.

Now you are ready to install ExamView, please click Install.

Give the program a few minutes to install successfully.

Once the installation is complete, please click Finish.

Now you are ready to open ExamView.If you are using a Windows computer the icon for ExamView Test Generator will be located on your desktop. If you have a Mac, you will need to click to open your Launchpad. When you are ready to open ExamView, please click to open the ExamView Test Generator icon.


For more information about ExamView and its key components, please view the ExamView Test Generator – User Guide         

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact Turning Technologies. For your convenience, we have provided their contact information below.

Turning Technologies Technical Support









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May 5, 2020