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What is My Lessons and how does it work?

What is My Lessons?

My Lessons is where teachers locate all lessons created through the Lesson Builder for editing, modifying, or assigning.


What is Lesson Builder?

Lesson Builder is the tool used to create a Passport lesson. Lessons in Passport can be a number of things. They can be a single activity, such as Custom Activity, or a number of assignments from any assignment category, such as Discover, Share, Perform, or Custom, to group together and assign as one lesson as opposed to assigning multiple activities.

How do I create a Lesson?

Clicking on My Lessons will display all of the lessons created by the instructor, including those that have been copied or modified from the Lesson Library. Click on the Create a Lesson button. This will open to the Create page where the lesson is built.

How do students locate lessons that have been assigned?

Once a lesson has been assigned to a student or group of students, it will appear in “My Passport Quick View” in a student’s account.


Steps to Create or Modify a Lesson

Step 1: Enter lesson details such as the Lesson Title, Lesson Directions, Program (language), Score Possible, and Share with. These are all determined by the teacher. Scores will not automatically be a total point value of all activities assigned.

By default, lessons created will only be available to yourself (Share with Only me). Additional options for collaboration are to share with teachers at the same school or district. The option “with the Passport Community” will make that lesson available to all instructors on Passport. Sharing lessons in one way to share several activities, such as Custom activities, or Perform tasks with other teachers and opens opportunities for collaboration.

Any lesson shared on any level will appear in the Lesson Library for other users.

Step Two: Select activities to add to the lesson. Choose from Discover, Perform, Share, and Custom. Add activities by clicking on the “+” symbol in the Add Activity column.

Assigning Passport lessons works the same as assigning from other categories.

Custom activities allow instructors to make flashcards, games, and other outside resources available as an assignable activity in a lesson. Custom activities can provide a link for students to follow or instructors can upload a video, image or document for the students to complete.

To learn how to create custom activities, click here.

Step 3: Review the activities in the lesson.

Step three shows a snapshot of the activities that have been selected for this lesson. The order of activities can be changed by using the tools in the Remove and Arrange columns. When satisfied satisfied with your lesson, select Create Lesson.

If the lesson is not created, check that all required information has been entered.


Deleting a lesson:

Select the trash can icon to delete any lesson. A warning message will appear to confirm. If a user clicks Delete, the lesson will be permanently deleted from My Lessons.

Assigning a Lesson:

  • After logging into Passport select the Assign tab.
  • Select the Lessons bubble.Find or create a lesson to assign, click the Assign.
  • Choose which course to assign to. If assigning to an individual student, select the name of the course for a drop-down student list.
  • Select the Assign toggle that corresponds to the course or students selected.
  • Choose the start and end dates for the assignment. If individual students are selected, the start and end date must be entered for each student.
  • Once satisfied with the selections, select Assign.

Lesson Grading:

  • In a Lesson assignment, the student will complete the selected activities that can include Discover, Share, Perform, and Custom Activity assignments.
  • The activities will need to be reviewed and an overall score will need to be set by the instructor.


 Lesson Library
Create a lesson once, then save it and share it! Create a lesson for your unit review, save it to your lesson library and assign it to all your students in a few easy steps. With the release of the lesson library, you’ll find sample lessons created by the team of teachers at EMC School. You’ll be able to use these lessons with your students or make any changes you’d like to make.

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April 5, 2018