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How do I manage district licenses? (EMC eBooks)

As a District Administrator, you have access to all eBook licenses purchased by your district or school. Subsequently, it will be your responsibility to allocate these eBooks to the schools within your district and, if desired, to the teachers within each of those schools.

Please Note: eBook licenses are loaded into the district’s EMC Bookshelf account after the purchase and only the District Administrator can access them. The District Admin may allocate licenses to a School Administrator who can allocate to their instructors. It is common for the District Administrator to allocate licenses to the school and to the individual instructors.



There are four levels of eBook management; District Admin > School Admin > Teacher > Student.

EMC always begins the process by assigning eBook licenses to the district, the District Admin will be in charge of assigning the eBooks to schools and, if needed, the teachers within the schools.

Accessing your District Licenses

To begin, log into your EMC eBook account at and click Admin from the bottom navigation pane.

Click Manage District Licenses under the District Admin menu at the top of the page.

The District Licenses page displays licenses purchased by your school. Each order is represented by a row on this page, you may see multiple lines for the same title if they were ordered separately.

Each row details the title, quantity of licenses, expiration date, and status.


Select which eBook you would like to assign, click Action then Manage.

Allocating Licenses to a School

The District License Management page is where you choose which School(s) to allocate licenses to.

At the top of the page, you can see the order date, seat capacity, seats available, expiration date and status.

The two drop-down boxes on the left are how you choose which school and how many licenses to allocate.

If you don’t have any schools to choose from, please see this article on how to add schools to your district.

After choosing a school and a number of licenses to allocate, select the assign button.


Your selection will appear to the right under “Current School Licenses” which has four selections:

Manage: select this option to choose which instructors to allocate these licenses to. You may also allow your school admin to do this if you have selected someone as an admin for this school.


Edit: select this option to allocate licenses from this school to a different school in your district.

Disable: select this option to send the licenses back to the district level to be re-allocated.

Delete: You may delete allocation history after disabling.

Select the Manage button to choose which instructors to allocate licenses to. The process is the same.

Please Note: In order to Edit and Disable licenses at the school level you must ensure they are not in-use by the teacher.

For more information on disabling licenses, please click here. 

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July 12, 2018