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Network Whitelisting Requirements

Many of our EMC School resources are hosted in the “Cloud”. To ensure that all users have full access to data from our online resources, we recommend you follow the whitelisting requirements below.

Please whitelist the following email domains for all student and teacher email accounts:

Please whitelist the following hostnames with a subdomain wildcard if possible:

Flipgrid Whitelisting Requirements:
Please follow this link for the network requirements to use Flipgrid in Passport.

Please whitelist the hostnames, and not the IP addresses associated with them. Many of our websites are hosted on dynamic servers, and the IP address can occasionally change. We suggest whitelisting a wildcard as a subdomain to account for the many different subdomains our products leverage. If you are unable to whitelist a wildcard subdomain, please let us know and we will provide a complete list of all domains and subdomains to whitelist.

We also strongly suggest whitelisting the following domain with a wildcard subdomain:

Once completed, please run the tests at the links below from a representative student device to ensure that there is a good network communication with our eBook servers. If possible, please send a screenshot of the results to

eBook Network Diagnostic
Please click on this link
Log into the EMC Bookshelf:

Password: networktest

While you are logged, please click on this link:

For other System Requirements, please visit our Passport support page at

Please send a confirmation to

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation in this process. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

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October 30, 2018