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How do students access games or flashcards? (Passport – World Language)

Links to games and flashcards for Spanish and German students are located throughout the student edition of the eBook.  On the pages where they are available, students can click on the “ancillary link” button.

Please note that these links are being developed for Chinese and French student eBooks.

Another way to share these Resources is to share the URL links to the Games and Flashcards through the Passport Notification Center. Follow the instructions below to copy and paste the URL into a notification for the student.


Accessing the Program Resources: Flash Cards & Games:

1. Log into the Passport teacher account and click on the Resources page at the top of the page.

2. Under “Select a Program,” click on the icon for your textbook.

3. Under “Teacher eBooks,” click on the image of the Annotated Teacher’s Edition.

Navigate to page 01 or select “Program Resources” from the Table of Contents.

4.  Click on the asset that you would like to provide to your students.  For this example, “Flash Cards.”

Highlight and right-click the URL at the top of the page.

Select copy.

5. Navigate back to Passport and open the Notification Center by selecting the circle by your name in the top right corner of Passport.

Click Create Notification.

6. In the send notification window, add your title.

Type the body of your text and when finished, click the link button to add the link.

Delete the “HTTP:// ” (this is automatically added in the “add link” window.)

Right-click, select paste, then click “OK.”

7. Select the courses you would like to send this resource to, your Display Date, and Expiration Date.

Click send to send the notification.


Please Note:  it is also possible to share these links via email and by posting them into your school’s Learning Management System.

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April 3, 2018