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Why am I not able to assign an activity in Passport?

When the “Assign” button is inactive, some step of the assigning process has been overlooked. When assigning an activity, it is important to select a start time and an end time for the students to submit their work for evaluation. Please follow the instructions below to properly assign in Passport.


1. Click on the Assign tab at the top left of your page.


2. Click on the type of activity that you would like to assign.


3 Locate the activity that you would like to assign and click on the toggle in the “Assign” column to turn it green.

4. Select whether you would like your assignment to be auto-evaluated.
(Note: Fill in the Blank, Question & Answer & Text activities set to  Auto Evaluated are graded for completion.)


5. Click the “Assign to Students” button


5. Select your assignment parameters in each of the columns

  1. Click the Assign toggle to turn it green
  2. Select whether or not you would like the assignment to be gradable
  3. If you want to allow a greater or fewer number of attempts than the default for your course, you can make that change in the “Max Attempts” column
  4. Select a start time
  5. Click in the box in the end time column to select a end date and time.


The “Assign” button will now be active. Click on the “Assign” button to complete the process of assigning an activity.


Assign to multiple classes at one time.  You can assign activities to multiple classes at the same time by going back to step 5.1 and clicking the toggle green for each of the courses that you would like to assign the activity to. You will have to select an end time for each of the courses you will be assigning the activity.

Assign to an individual student.  You can assign activities to individual students. After Step 2 and before Step 3 you can click on the name of your course to expand the course, revealing your class roster.  As done in Step 5.1, click on the assign toggle to turn it green for each of the students you are assigning the activity.

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February 2, 2018