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Passport – Getting Started Guide

Welcome to EMC Passport. Passport is a Learning Management System (LMS) that gives you access to all levels of your program.

In Passport, the instructor creates courses for each period they instruct, then invites students to the course so that they can be assigned student engagement activities.

Student engagement activities can be video-based assessments, interactive eBook activities, IPA or project-based activities, or any digital resource found in your program resources.

This guide will walk you through getting started with Passport, step-by-step.  The first step to take is setting up your courses. For each step you will read instructions and click a link to open a new tab for additional specific instruction on that topic. Use the check boxes to track your progress.

Change your password   (check the box when finished)
The very first step to getting started is setting your password. When you or your students log into Passport for the first time. Follow the on-screen directions and click, “Update Account” when finished.

Create your courses 

Student data is organized by courses. You should create a course for each period you instruct so that you can keep your assignments and students organized. Click this link to learn how to create a course.

Enroll students to your courses 

Now that your courses are made, you are ready to invite students to your course. Instructors can enroll students manually by entering their email address or by providing a self-enroll link. Roster upload is an option as well. Click here to read about adding students to your course.

Students can be enrolled to multiple courses at once. If you accidentally added a student to the wrong course you can delete them from that course then add them to the correct course. Click here to read about deleting students from your course.

Access your resources 

Click the “Resources” tab to view your resources. More information about accessing program resources can be found by clicking here.

Begin assigning activities to your students

Once you have students enrolled and you’ve explored your program resources, you can assign student engagement activities. Click here to read about how to assign.

Click here to read about deleting an assignment.
Click here to read about modifying an assignment.
Click here to read about Perform activities.
Click here to read about Discover (eBook) activities.
Click here to read about Lessons. (assignment bundles)

Notification Center 

You can send messages and links to your students using the Passport Notification Center. You may want to send students access to flashcards, games, or tests. You can easily communicate these resources using the Notification Center. Click here to read about how to use the Notification Center.


Learn about how the Passport grade book works to track student performance. It is important to learn which activities default to auto grade and what to expect as your students begin completing assignments. See the links below to learn more about the Evaluate tab.

How to export grades
How to use Quick Evaluate for teacher graded assignments (submitted assignments).
How to assign auto-graded assignments.
How do assignments behave when they are “Overdue”?

Teacher Passport Account Overview

Check out this interactive image that provides a quick walkthrough of the instructor Passport account.

Student Passport Account Overview 

Check out this interactive walkthrough of the student Passport account. It is good to know what your students will see after logging into their account. 

EMC Help Center

You can always access helpful information by visiting the EMC Help Center or by contacting EMC Connect for assistance.
EMC Help Center:

EMC Connect & Technical Support 

Do you have a technical question or would like to talk pedagogy with an expert? Regardless of your question, you can find support by contacting EMC Connect for technical support or to speak with a Learning Solution Specialist.

EMC Connect
Phone: 877-401-2527 – choose option 2 (Available 8a-9p Monday-Friday)
Live Chat: Found at the top right corner of this screen as “Live Chat”.

Passport Academy 

EMC Connect offers live webinars that help teachers of all comfort levels with different needs in Passport so that every teacher can maximize the Passport experience for their students. Sign up here by choosing a course and time that’s convenient for you.

Pick a course , or multiple courses, to meet your specific needs and skills. For every completed course, you will receive a Professional Development Certificate.

Follow this link to sign up for a Passport Academy course:

Still have questions?

Sign up for a question and answer session with a Client Experience Specialist. You can sign up to meet with a specialist over WebEx to ask any questions you have. Screens haring is available to help troubleshoot specific issues.

Sign up for a Question and Answer session here:

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April 7, 2020