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COVID-19: Preparedness for Home Learning (World Languages)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are encouraging schools to collaborate with local health departments to take steps to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Up-to-date information can be found on the CDC website, including recommendations for how to share information and best practices with parents and guidance on temporary school closures if there are identified cases of COVID-19.

As your committed partner, we are providing this guide to help you plan and prepare for any temporary school closures that would require independent student learning at home.

As a starting place, please review our World Languages At Home Learning Guide that contains information about getting started and getting help when you need it.

Available resources:

  • World Language print textbooks
  • World Language print workbooks
  • Passport online learning environment: eBooks, eReaders, Flipgrid, iCulture, Edulastic, and more!


Step 1: Outline a learning from home model. If your students have access to Passport, our online learning environment, we recommend:

  • Establishing a 2-3 week content plan that each class will cover while working from home.
  • Assigning the appropriate activities from each lesson in the textbook and ancillaries.
  • Identifying points where students need to demonstrate speaking and either leveraging pre-made Flipgrid activities or creating new Flipgrid activities.
  • Bundling the assignments into “Lessons” so students can see the groups of activities they need to complete.
  • Encouraging students to learn independently by using iCulture to watch a video or read a news article of interest (available for Spanish, French and German).
  • Reminding students about resources like flashcards, e-Visuals, and videos, which give them opportunities to review content and stay connected to the language

If your students do not have access to technology at home, they can complete assigned work in the print textbook and workbook and send photos of their work to you.


Using Passport for At-Home Learning


  • Students are able to access digital assignments by navigating to the Assignments page. They can also view all completed assignments on the Feedback page. Activities that were automatically scored by the computer will have an assigned score (which you override if needed) as well as teacher feedback and scores when applicable. Students can communicate with you through the Message Center.
  • Through your Teacher account, you can view submitted assignments, score all assignments, and communicate with students through the Message Center. All class assignments will be on the Evaluate page with a color-coded display to communicate the status of each activity (i.e. pending, submitted, evaluated).
  • Both teachers and students can view scores for individual activities and lessons, as well as an overall grade for all work assigned in Passport.

Additional Resources

Students and teachers also have access to:

  • Expand digital readers with numerous titles (available in Spanish, French, German and Chinese).
  • Explore videos and news articles, which contain geographic and thematic videos in the target language in addition to weekly news articles (available for Spanish, French and German

You can find even more helpful information in our Passport Digital Teacher User Guide with helpful directions.


Step 2: Refine the learning model as needed. For example, if students are struggling with the textbook activities on their own, you can revisit the number and types of activities you are asking them to complete.


We’re Here For You

We hope that your school year will not be interrupted by the coronavirus, but regardless, we are committed to our partnership and available to support your planning in any way you need.

Please contact our Customer Support team (877-401-2527 or if we can help in any way.

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March 27, 2020