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Passport Teacher Login

Teachers will either sign on to Passport directly through the Passport website ( or through their district’s portal or single sign-on (SSO) provider (such as Clever, ClassLink, Canvas, etc).

Direct Sign-on

  1. Go to  (make sure you are on the Login tab)Passport login page with the Login tab selected
  2. Sign in to your Passport account using your school email address and the temporary password you were provided. 
  3. You will be prompted to set a permanent password.
  4. If you forget your password, click the button to reset it. 
  5. If that doesn’t work, click the Contact Support button to fill out the form, and the Customer Support team will help reset your password (you will need access to the email address you’re trying to access). 

Registering with an invite code

    1. You may receive instructions to sign up for a Passport account using a district invite code. 
    2. Go to and click on the Register tab.

Passport login page with the Register tab selected

3. Enter your school email address and the invite code you were provided. If you were given a link to sign up, the invite code may already be populated.

4. You will be prompted through the process of entering your information and setting a password.

5. After that is complete, you will log in using those credentials in the future.

Single sign-on through Clever, ClassLink, etc.

  • Instructions for single sign-on vary depending on your school or district.
  • For example, you may sign on through a district or school hub/portal, Canvas, Classlink, Clever, Schoology or other site. 
  • Contact your IT department with questions about single sign-on.

For teachers whose schools use Roster Integration, this service will …

  •     automatically create your courses.
  •     automatically roster students in those courses.
  •     sync your school district student information system with Passport every 24 hours.

 You can still …

  •     edit the name of that course to match your needs.
  •     create a demo course as a sandbox that won’t affect your actual classes.

 Please do not …

  •     log directly into Passport without going through your school’s SSO provider
  •     manually add students to a course
  •     manually create student accounts or give students an invite code to join a course
  •     allow student to access Passport any way other than directly through SSO

 If your school uses Roster Integration and you are not seeing all of your courses, please contact your school IT contact.


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February 21, 2020