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Using special characters to answer questions in Passport

Passport provides a special characters keyboard which can be utilized when answering an assignment that requires text input from the student. This is beneficial to students who are not familiar with using their device keyboards to type special characters.

This keyboard can be accessed from the ebook waffle menu. A click on the special character will insert it at the cursor , or characters can be dragged and dropped from the keyboard anywhere into the text.

This article provides detailed instructions to students in using these special characters. To open the special characters options:

Click the waffle icon at the bottom of the page:

Passport Waffle Icon

This will bring up the waffle menu, which includes Special Characters

Expanded Waffle Icon including Special Characters

Method 1: Click

Use the mouse to click where you want the special character to end up. The special character will be entered where the cursor was placed.

Method 2: Drag and Drop

Click the character you want to add and hold down the left mouse button. Then drag it into the answer box. When you drag it into the answer box, it will change to a “+ sign. Release the mouse button and the character will drop into the answer box.

Showing the result of dragging and dropping a special character


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October 11, 2019