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How do I create a custom activity in my lesson? (WL)

What is a Custom Activity? 

A Custom Activity is any activity created by the teacher. Through Custom Activities, teachers have the ability to create and assign their own activities from any resource. Custom activities allow instructors to make flashcards, games, and other outside resources available as an assignable activity in a lesson.Custom activities can provide a link for students to follow or instructors can upload a video, image or document for the students to complete. Students may complete custom activities by writing a short answer, file upload or by marking the item as complete.

Custom Activities are created and shared through the My Lessons icon on the Assign page. Follow the directions below to create and assign a Custom Activity.

Creating a Custom Activity in Passport:

Custom activities exist in lessons. Follow this link to learn how to create a lesson.


1.) The first step is to create your lesson and complete step 1. In step 2 of your lesson, select the  Create CustomActivity button under the custom activity menu.










2)Title and Directions: Choose a title and description for the activity. The description is the instructions for students. Custom activities can direct students to an iCulture video, to a specific page in the eBook, to flashcards, to a document created by the teacher,  or a link to a youtube video. Custom activities can be used to share any resource or activity with students.




3) Content and Media: Instructors may choose to include content in the form of a URL or a file link to YouTube videos, websites, or flashcards. Links go in the URL field.

Instructors may upload a video, image, document or an audio file to a custom activity. Supported file types are Word, Excel, Powerpoint, txt, pages, pdf, jpg, png, bmp, gif, mp4, mov, flv.

To upload a file as content, click the Select a file button. A window will appear which you may select your file. You may also drag and drop your file in the Drop File Here box


4) Student Response Type: Student responses may be in the form of a URL /file upload, a short answer, or none, which provides a grade for completion.

5) Create the Activity: Click Preview to preview the custom activity. Once satisfied, select the Create Activity button.





6) Add the Activity to the Lesson: The activity will appear in the list of custom activities. Clicking on the “+” will add this activity to the lesson.

Edit your custom activity by clicking the pencil icon next to the activity.


Remove your custom activity by clicking the trashcan icon next to the activity.

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July 6, 2018