Multiple Improvements to Assign, Grade, and Teacher UX

grade-page-l1As a result of tremendous feedback from teachers, we have changed the way certain eBook activities are handled by the grading system within Passport. Since the updates were released on 11/23/16, all open-ended-answer type of activities are now “Teacher Graded”, meaning the student will not receive a score until the teacher views the submitted assignment from the Grade page and assigns a score to it. Students can see how their teacher evaluated such assignments by clicking the orange Feedback pill on their class dashboard, or accessing the Feedback tab in their Quickview.

We have removed the scoring strictness from courses for now as a result of the above change.

Other updates include the ability to edit and delete assignments at the assignment level rather than by individual student as it has been. Where applicable, Start Date, Due Date, and Max Attempts can all be edited, and the entire assignment can be deleted at the assignment level.

We have improved the display and user experience of the grade page – columns are sortable, the status within the colored bar is clickable, with more improvements coming soon.

December 7, 2016

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