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We will continue to offer webinars that help teachers at all comfort levels and with different needs in Passport so that every teacher can maximize the Passport experience for their students. Sign up below to choose a time that’s convenient for you, and check back often – we’re going to be adding to the course list throughout the year.

Pick a course , or multiple courses, to meet your specific needs and skills. For every completed course, you will receive a Professional Development Certificate.

Currently courses are focused on our World Language programs, however, English Language Arts teachers interested in learning more about Passport are welcome to sign up for time under the “Overview/Q & A” courses.

Passport Academy courses

All courses are free and require advance registration.


Passport Introduction1 hour

This course is designed for teachers who are new to Passport or who have access to Passport, but who may need a review of student engagement activities, resources, or tools available. This training course is necessary to understanding the foundational elements of Passport prior to implementation.
This session includes:

  • Explanation of student engagement types
  • Teacher account navigation
  • Review of teacher and student resources
  • Basic implementation overview of Passport with curriculum
  • Demo Course creation
  • Rostering of student
  • Finding support resources

Passport Functions1 hour

This course is designed for teachers who are ready to begin using Passport in class and with their students, or who need a review of the basic functionality. Participants in this course should have either already attended the Novice Passport Introduction course, or be familiar with the elements of that course, in order to fully understand the topics covered.
This session includes:

  • eBook navigation and interactive elements
  • Basic functions and setup
  • Assigning basics for Teacher
  • Student processes
  • Basic evaluating functions
  • Beginning strategies for implementation


Passport Classroom Implementation1 hour

This course is designed for teachers who have been using some functions of Passport and are ready to review and implement more. Participants in this course should have completed both Novice courses, or have utilized basic assigning and evaluating functions with success on their own. This course will contain a review of student engagement activities, resources, and tools available, but the course will focus on creating activity types and implementing multiple Passport tools.
This session includes:

  • Review of student engagement types
  • Review of basic teacher functions
  • Review of locating resources
  • Demo student account use
  • Intermediate assigning and evaluating functions
  • Share & Custom activity creation
  • Personalized lesson creation
  • Continuing strategies for implementation


Passport Functions1 hour

This course is designed for teachers who have completed Novice and Intermediate courses, or those who feel comfortable working in Passport. It is geared towards teachers who would like to learn more about personalizing Passport tools for their curriculum goals and their students’ needs, as well as implementing Passport in a variety of ways inside and outside the classroom. Participants in this course should feel comfortable navigating Passport, assigning activities, and evaluating work. This course will address advanced functions and methodology for differentiation, activity creation, and lesson bundles.
This session includes:

  • Brief review of student engagement activities
  • Brief review of basic functions, navigation, and resources
  • Advanced assigning and evaluating functions
  • Differentiating with Passport
  • Share, Perform, Custom activity, and Lesson creation
  • Methodology for customization and activity bundles

Any Level

What’s New with Passport30 minutes

Based on feedback from our userbase and the availability of new technology, we are committed to consistently improving the Passport experience for our users, and as such, made several updates to the platform during the 2017-2018 school year. The focus of this webinar is to review those updates, and to make teachers aware and more familiar with the new capabilities. This will include a brief introduction to the 3 exciting new features – creating custom activities; creating personalized lessons; and, sharing materials with other teachers in Passport. There will also be a review of the changes to the Perform tool, assigning filter, and grade export.

Overview/Q & A1 hour

Live help with any questions about Passport.

Looking forward to seeing you online over the summer!

Note: Courses can be also delivered at the district level. To schedule a course or series of courses for your district, contact the Connect Team at connect@emcschool.com.