New Lesson Builder, updates to Perform, and much more…

In this season to be thankful, we would like to thank the many teachers who have shared their ideas and suggestions to improve the Passport experience. We’ve heard you. This update to Passport includes many of the suggestions we’ve heard from teachers and students.

Changes to the teacher homepage

Click on your profile picture to:

  • view or edit details under My Profile,
  • create and read notifications for students under Notifications, and
  • Log Out.


Changes to the Courses Page

Teachers now have the ability to create or generate a temporary password upon adding students to a course or to reset the password for a student. Students will no longer have to access their email to retrieve a forgotten password after you assign a temporary one. Click on this link to learn more about setting a temporary password for your student


Changes to the Assign Page

1. You will now see an explanation of grading for the section in which you are assigning.

2. For Discover activities, there is a new assignment heading, Auto-Evaluate. As you select the activities that you are assigning to a course, you can determine here if you would like to have them auto-evaluated in Passport or submitted to you for review. To learn more about Auto-Evaluate, click on this link

3. My Lessons
With our new feature, My Lessons, teachers are now able to combine any existing Passport activities, such as Discover, Share, or Perform, to create their own Passport lessons.

With a common theme or topic in mind, teachers can create a lesson in the Lesson Builder that utilizes multiple resources from the eBooks and ancillaries to assign to students, includes a question in Share to which students will respond, and contains a Perform activity that concludes the assignment. These activities would be grouped together to create one lesson that can be assigned as opposed to being listed as multiple assignments in Passport. Teachers also have the ability to add custom assignments to the lesson (see below). Coming soon, you’ll also be able to share that lesson with your fellow teachers in your building, district, or the entire Passport community in a Lesson Library.

For more details on how to use My Lessons, click

4. Custom Activities
We’ve heard from many teachers that they want to add activities that they have created in the classroom into Passport. We’ve listened to your suggestions. Now, you can add custom activities to a lesson you create within Passport. Do you have a great resource document and assignment? Use the My Lessons feature to create a lesson in the Lesson Builder containing the custom activity. Now you can assign lessons with your materials directly to students through Passport.

To learn more about My Lessons and Custom Activities, click

5. Perform

  • Perform has a new look and many new features. Teachers can now preview a Perform task before assigning it.
  • Each Perform task is evaluated to an ACTFL aligned rubric.
  • The Perform interface is upgraded to HTML5 – which makes it accessible from any device with a browser.

To learn more about the improvements to Perform, click


Changes to the Evaluate page

We love feedback, and we’ve heard from teachers the need for an easier way to evaluate students’ work.

You now have the ability to:

  • see a short description of the icon for each section,
  • launch directly into evaluating by clicking on the new Evaluate icon to the right,
  • sort assignments by student last name,
  • complete a Quick Eval on submitted assignments that are awaiting evaluation, and
  • review work that has been Auto-Evaluated by clicking on the Evaluated button in the status column for that particular assignment.

To learn more about Auto-Evaluate, click
To learn more about Quick Eval, click

Changes to the Resource page

After selecting your program on the Resource home page, the title of each resource will now appear as you hover over the resource.

Changes to the Student home page

Updates to the Student home page will make it easier for students to find what they are looking for.

  • Easily navigate to the section you want to access by clicking on the graphic.
  • The colored bubbles indicating the status of the student’s assignments have been changed to color-coded boxes
  • Now students can quickly access any teacher feedback by clicking on the green Feedback box
  • The Feedback box also now appears on the textbook cover on the student page.
  • Students will also no longer receive emails from EMC about homework or to activate their new Passport account.

Follow this link to learn more about updates to the Student homepage


November 27, 2017