View Actual Student Responses To Every Assignment Attempt

Teachers can now see student responses within the grading interface

When students submit assignments teachers can open each and every attempt and see exactly how each student responded.

To see a student response to an assignment:

  1. Working in the Grade screen, select the activity you wish to grade. Click on the activity title to expand and see all students who have been assigned this activity.grade_1
  2. Click on the Pencil tool to view details for that assignment for that particular student. An Edit Assignment For.. window will open. In the Attempts section of this window you will see all of the attempts a student made at this assignment. In this example, the student was allowed 2 attempts at answering for a recorded score, but she did the activity two more times after the two allotted attempts. The gradebook recorded her second attempt which is 4/6, but the teacher can see every attempt, including those taken after the allotted two. (Note: feedback on the activity – sometimes in the form of the correct answer – is available to the student after the number of attempts has been reached or the due date has passed when the activity reverts to Practice Mode. In the example below, the student got a score of 6/6 after her fourth attempt, so she did the activity two times in Practice Mode.)grade_2
  3. To see what exactly the student entered for this attempt click on the attempt and the activity with the student responses will display.grade_3
  4. To see another attempt, click on the Back button and select the next attempt you would like to view.

Updates to Score, Number of Attempts, and Level of Accuracy can be made by the teacher at any time while the Edit Assignment For.. window is open. Save any changes by clicking the blue Update Student Assignment button in the lower right corner.

Note: student responses can only be viewed for attempts at assignments from October 25th forward. Any assignments taken prior to this date will only display the student score for each attempt, not the details of the responses.

August 10, 2017

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